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Our Standard and Underlying Hourly Fee Rates

Attendances at the police station for interview by appointment.£685 plus VAT Minimum Charge
Court attendance by Advocate£650 plus VAT minimum daily charge
Specialist Police Station Defence Advocate£220 per hour
Principal Lawyers (Over 15 years experience)£320 per hour
Solicitors and Advocates (over 8 years)£270 per hour
Solicitors (over 3 years) £250 per hour
Senior paralegals (Over 8 yrs)£225 per hour
Solicitors (under 3 years qualification)£175 per hour
Junior Paralegals£110 per hour

We accept payment by bank transfer; debit card and most credit cards.  We regret do not accept cheques nor cash. Payment may be by bank transfer or by using the secure payment link we will send you. For your security, we do not ask you for  card details  and you must not supply them to us. Because card payments are made directly with the credit card handling company Worldpay we do not receive nor store any of your personal card data. You If you wish to pay by bank transfer please first call  the Accounts office on 020 7791 4820.

You must never send us money unless we have first issued you with a bill or have agreed a fixed fee in writing.  We do not hold client money or funds on account.

  • Bank Transfers: Credit of ” McCormacks Law Limited” quoting the matter reference on your bill
  • Payment from the UK Please see your bill or call us for bank details when making a payment
  • Payment outside UK: Please see your bill or call us for details of our IBAN code.

There is no guarantee that a Court will award your costs in any case.

If you win an award for costs may be made in your favour by a court that this does not mean you will be repaid your costs in full, nor that you cease to be under a liability to pay our fees in full.

Where the court does make an order for defence costs in criminal law cases it may limit the sum repayable to the basic work which would have been expected if the case were funded by Legal Aid at the rates which apply to Legal Aid work.

Any fixed fee quoted does not include the additional work involved in recovering costs from the public purse or other parties after the case has concluded. The cost of payment reminders and recovering costs from you or a third party is always additional to any fixed fee and charged at the lowest hourly rate for a general paralegal worker.

Other Charges

  • Payment overdue administration reminders £15
  • Unpaid Credits/Standing orders £15

Unless stated otherwise in writing there is no added cost for care and conduct. If the case involves unusually urgent or unsocial hours work an uplift in the hourly rate of up to 15% may apply to the urgent work may apply- but only if we have informed and agreed with you in advance that the urgent work is necessary and have confirmed the uplifted rate in writing.

VAT is chargeable  on all our legal services at 20%

VAT may also be chargeable at 20% on expenses in your bill, such as travel fares, and some other fees which are charged by third parties but paid by us on your behalf.

VAT is not chargable on fees that might payable to the Court

Right to Complain about our bill

 Our aim with fixing fees is to keep you in control and have total transparency. You retain a general right to complain about any bill we issue in your case.  Your right to complain and the procedure is set out in the terms of business. For details of our complaints procedure please follow the Complaints link at the foot of the page.

If you will suffer exceptional financial hardship you may qualify for our special Social Aid rates. The lawyer cannot agree social aid rates – so if you consider this may apply to you please speak to our Helpdesk 020 7791 2000 and ask for the Funding Officer.

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