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Our Equality & Diversity Policy

McCormacks Law has a proud history of encouraging diversity and equality and a lack of tolerance of irrational discrimination based on irrelevant personal characteristics of those we employ (staff); those we ask to work with us (barristers and contractors); those on whose behalf we work (clients) or with whom we have any dealings (any other third parties)

We work in some of the most culturally vibrant areas of the country and declare our commitment to promote equality, diversity and fairness as a badge of honour.

Legislation restricts certain specific kinds of discrimination. That means that that in working with or for people and in all other dealings we will not unlawfully have regard to race; racial group; sex; marital status; sexual orientation; religion or belief; age; or disability. We shall not ourselves permit nor by inaction appear to condone the actions of others which discriminate, victimise or harass anyone on such grounds or related grounds. We shall make such reasonable adjustments as are necessary to ensure the implementation of this policy.

It is a principle of this firm that we assess and work with people based on their aptitude, attitudes, skills; experience, demeanour; commitment and qualification. We are not interested in discrimination based on those personal characteristics over which an individual can have no control. That means that in addition to rejecting illegal discrimination we will not without rational cause have regard to an individual’s cultural background; social class, physical appearance or stature in our dealings save as would amount to making reasonable adjustment to prevent such discrimination.

The firm is opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

  • Our separate Equal Opportunities Policy will help all those who work for us develop their full potential and the talents and resources of the workforce will be utilised to fully maximise the efficiency of the organisation.
  • Our separate Anti-Racism policy is a statement of core principle on which the firm was established.
  • Our separate Dignity at Work Policy serves to encourage a culture of cooperative working within the firm.
  • Our Policy Statement on the use of Coarse Language serves to encourage an atmosphere of courtesy, respect and good manners.
  • Our Fair Employment Policy sets out the processes we consider when applying a recruitment process for new staff.


We assert that robust intolerance of irrational and illegal discrimination and the provision of equal opportunities in the workplace is not only good management practice but also makes sound business sense.
We will undertake periodic surveys of staff, clients and others to monitor the implementation of our equality policies

Our Diversity Profile

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